No Good News But No Bad News!

Not good news but no explicit bad news; just “it’s complicated”!

I had the MRI brain scan last Sunday (26th June) and the consultation with Dr. Hatfield today (28th June) because I emailed Kate Casey to tell her I didn’t have a scan follow up consultation appointment and she booked me into the very next clinic.

2016 Spring Trip To Spain - The Final Day

We never sleep well the night before departure and last night was no exception. It wasn't helped by the fact that my IBS went into overdrive. That stands for Irritable Bowel Syndrome but on days like this I suffer from BFBS - Bloody Furious Bowel Syndrome. I took some ibuprofen to calm down the bowel inflammation and that got me through the morning but didn't take any with me. In retrospect I didn't check the ingredients on the packet so if the tablets' binder was wheat starch, I could well have made myself worse. Needless to say the day has not been easy because of it.

2016 Spring Trip To Spain - Day 16

2016 Spring Trip To Spain - Day 16

Today is our last full day in Spain so I expected Garrath to be on a bit of a downer, and indeed he was. I am a stoic, I accept the inevitable and I am determinedly positive, but Garrath is not. He is definitely of the glass half empty faction whereas I see an empty glass and declare,

"Wheeee, we have the potential for champagne."

2016 Spring Trip To Spain - Day 15

This is a post that I intended to start, finish and post much earlier, after our trip to Pedregeur in fact, but the Sofa Siesta cushion grabbed me, pinned me to the cushion and insisted that I leave the world of consciousness for a full hour, after which we had to repair to Keith and Audrey's for an evening of drink and chat, and delivering condiments of course. After an evening of Audrey's generosity with gin and meanness with tonic, I was in no fit state to complete it when we returned home. So sorry Carol, it is a retrospective blog today, written the morning after.

2016 Spring Trip To Spain - Day 14

Yet another interesting day that started with me rising early and Garrath joining me a couple of hours later. He has always needed more sleep than me but now, with his anti seizure meds, he is knackered much of the time. Still, as I keep reminding him, it beats the hell out of being dead and as he keeps reminding everybody, he is still walking, talking and chewing gum - except for the fact that he doesn't chew gum but hey, one should never let the facts get in the way of a good cliché!

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