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No Good News But No Bad News!

Not good news but no explicit bad news; just “it’s complicated”!

I had the MRI brain scan last Sunday (26th June) and the consultation with Dr. Hatfield today (28th June) because I emailed Kate Casey to tell her I didn’t have a scan follow up consultation appointment and she booked me into the very next clinic.

The Tesco Moment!

Lynne and I have just named a moment! Earlier in the year we visited Philip and we always start our visits by diving into at least one G&T. This time we arrived with a bottle of Bombay Sapphire, which was just as well as the first round finished his Tesco gin. So we cracked open the blue bottle. The first sip provoked a loud exclamation in chorus from all three of us. Now Bombay Sapphire is the only gin we will choose. Tonight at the hotel bar Lynne asked for a G&T and got Gordons by default. The second she asked for Bombay Sapphire, and again there was the exclamation!

Quiet Calpé Day

Today we decided that we would have a quiet Calpé day. We went into the Hiper Calp Chinese store and sorted out the bedside charger purchased yesterday that didn't fit.

Relaxing! In Spain

Yesterday was a pleasantly easy journey day even though we were flying with Jet2, as we couldn't get the ferry we wanted to Bilbao. In retrospect I'm glad as we cannot share the driving any more. Flying mid-week meant the majority of passengers were 'mature' with only one obvious Hen party, who all boarded sober. We had heard that Jet2 flights were now dry, but not in this case. The cabin crew leader told me that the "problem flights" are and there is a police presence on those flights too! It was calm and pleasant.

Autumn 2015

This section contains our blog entries for our first trip to Calpé this year.

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