2016 Trip To Spain - Day 8

Yet another morning when my plan was thwarted. I was up at 04.55 and shortly thereafter I noticed that there was a spectacular full Moon set in progress, so I got dressed as hastily as I could without disturbing Garrath, got my camera and went out to capture it. Unfortunately Garrath had changed the lock on the gate and failed to inform me which colour coded key opened it and by the time I had gone through all the keys and found the right one, the Moon had gone behind the mountain. Grrrrrrrrr!

When I told Garrath about this he commented,

2016 Trip To Spain - Day 7

A day without plans turned out to be a day with plans that were thwarted. During the fairly relaxed start to the day we determined to go up into the mountains in search of photographic subjects because the wild flowers are in short supply in drought blighted Calpé. So, having decided that, and after I discovered that we had run out of honey in which to macerate the strawberries I picked from the garden, we decided to book lunch at El Riu because it is next to the Cooperativa that sells local honey.

2016 Trip To Spain - Day 6

2016 Spring Trip To Spain - Day 5

Another early start, this time when Garrath woke early, woke me, made some tea then promptly went back to sleep again. I do so envy his ability to do that. Once I am awake I can't get back to sleep again, so I went into the living room and started catching up with e-mails. When Garrath eventually resurrected it was after 08.15 so time for the normal routine of ablutions and breakfast.

2016 Spring Trip To Spain - Day 4

I was up at 04.55 this morning, just before the first indications of dawn, hoping for a sunrise that merited dashing down to the coastal viewpoint but alas, no luck. There were clouds but not terribly sunrise friendly clouds, so I just farted about on my iPad until Garrath woke up at around 08.00.

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