Spring Trip To Spain - Day 3

Having responsibility for my mother's house in Spain (all of the costs, none of the ownership) is onerous and expensive , particularly because the house was thrown up by cowboy builders in 1973 using shoddy, inadequate materials. Every year since 2003 we have made improvements starting with removing the tree that had breached the roof, having the roof repaired and having the cracking platform upon which the living accommodation rests supported with pillars.

Spring Trip To Spain - Day 2

An early (05.30) start for me, less so for Garrath (08.00) but a slooooooooow morning for us both, just pottering really. I got the camera out to capture a cloudy sunrise, but after that it was just catching up with EPZ, doing routine household stuff then preparing to go out to lunch at 14.00.

2016 Spring Trip To Spain - Day 1

The alarm was set for 03.00, a time when I am often up and about but of course, because I had to get up at that ungodly hour, I could have slept for another six hours. Ah well, such is life!

Garrath was in his usual, relaxed traveller mode - not! Honestly he would have us at the airport the day before the flight if he could get away with it. As it was I ignored his high-anxiety haranguing, posted photos on ePHOTOzine, bathed and got ready in a very relaxed manner and was still ready fifteen minutes before the taxi arrived at 05.00.

The Tesco Moment!

Lynne and I have just named a moment! Earlier in the year we visited Philip and we always start our visits by diving into at least one G&T. This time we arrived with a bottle of Bombay Sapphire, which was just as well as the first round finished his Tesco gin. So we cracked open the blue bottle. The first sip provoked a loud exclamation in chorus from all three of us. Now Bombay Sapphire is the only gin we will choose. Tonight at the hotel bar Lynne asked for a G&T and got Gordons by default. The second she asked for Bombay Sapphire, and again there was the exclamation!

The Lanzarote Trip Day One 05.12.2015

That day started at around 02.20 for me, a not unusual occurrence that meant I could play pooters (occupy my self on my computer) for a few hours before the 04.45 alarm. Garrath would have us at the airport the day before the flight if I let him get away with it, but as it was he made do with us being at the airport by 07.00 for the 09.00 flight.

The taxi arrived early, the roads were quiet so the journey to the airport was speedy and uneventful, apart from the weather that is. Howling gales and driving rain (more of that later) made us glad that we were heading for warmer climes.

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