We Turned A Corner Today

We really think we turned a corner with Helga today. We were at the canal doing the usual routine - Helmut swim and run and then Helga a run around on the top field over the bridge where we park. While Helga was charging about a Golden Labrador came onto the field. She immediately started to charge it. Both Lynne and I started to yelling "No!" at her. To our surprise she actually stopped and turned around and returned to Lynne! She actually responded to a dominant command!

That is a real step forward for her.

Going Nowhere, Doing Nothing'

On reading an e-mail from a much travelled friend I realised that my life boundaries have become so small that I hardly go anywhere and hardly do anything. Always one to see the positive potential out of virtually anything, I have decided to write my own travelogue. I shall call it Going Nowhere, Doing Nothing'


On The Move

Here I am on a train from London Kings X to Leeds and I've added Lynne as a user finally. Now to set up some content I guess? Things could get rather fluid for a while, so bear with me.

Jalbum Galleries

Many thanks to John Hepworth ( for pointing us to this great tool. It makes creating and maintaining a photo gallery online such a snip. Lynne and I have both used it to create first steps galleries. I have added navigation above to them. Once I get the hang of it and into the habit I will turnover a collection of about a dozen photos. Not sure what approach Lynne is going to take.

New Website

So I'm starting to get value for money from the hosted website that we have set up by switching on blogging for starters.

I should have done this 11 days ago so I could post a contemporary blog about the arrival of Helga but I didn't, so I will post something on her soon.

In the meanwhile I am going to try to use Jalbum to post some photos and as I think this will be a better way for Lynne to publish images on this site, rather than through Drupal modules. We'll see in time no doubt.

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