I'm a loner and content with it,
Happy with my own company,
And a small group of close friends,
Who share my razor mind and wit.

I never try to please the crowd,
I see no need to compromise
My values or my politics,
I challenge bigotry out loud.

Some say I'm very short on tact,
But I see tact as compromise,
I tell the plain unvarnished truth,
And never try to gild a fact.

I don't accept a woman's place
Is in the home or second class,
And men who try to cower me
Get my venom in their face.

Some people think, because I'm old
That I should be invisible,
I've got no time for ageism
And so, though wrinkled, I am bold.

Solitary souls like me,
Content with their own company,
And happy with a few good friends,
Are needed in society.

We see through all the social rules,
The bullshit and the niceties,
We never compromise to please
We challenge idiots and fools.

So don't complain when I decline
To fit in with your social herd,
I make you feel uncomfortable,
But that's your problem, its not mine.