Bucking The Trend In The London Lancaster Hotel

I'm in a very posh hotel
In London for the night
Sitting alone in the bar lounge
Making other occupants uptight.

I'm totally surrounded by
Sharp suited business types,
Loudly spouting bullshit,
Out-hyping super hypes.

They talk of their new products
In pompous, knowing tones,
Then burst into loud laughter,
These programmed business drones.

This masculine bravura
Gets louder by the minute,
But I'm a lonesome woman,
Outside the circle while they're in it.

I think that I'm supposed to
Retreat into my room
To make a little more space
For the noisy business boom.

But I'm not into moving,
I'm content to be alone,
And if business types don't like it,
Their brashness has been blown.

I'm in a very posh hotel
In London for the night,
It's yet another rich source
For the trite verse that I write.

Lynne Joyce, London Lancaster Hotel, 16.10.2012.