I have spent a lifetime
Living on the outside,
Outside every social group,
Watching people on the inside
Belonging, interacting,
Enjoying, fitting in,
While I stood on the outside
Observing those within.

It's chilly on the outside
Inhospitable and cold
There you only have yourself,
Alone, outside the fold,
No one to give you guidance,
No encouragement or care,
Only strength and self sufficiency
Let you survive out there.

But living on the outside
Is not completely bad,
No insiders to pressure you
Into doing something mad,
No compromised integrity
To fit in with the herd,
Outside you are free to be
An oddball and a nerd.

I am proud of my survival
On the outer edge of life,
Beyond trivial conflicts,
Arguments and strife,
And to others who survive it,
Wear your solitude with pride,
For we view human frailty
Safely from outside.