I'm being shoved out by a GSD bum
And pushed by another one's nose,
For sharing the bed with our two GSD's
Is unlikely to give us repose.

But pack time's important to them and to us,
It's close and it's bonding and nice,
So morning and night time they're invited up
And they jump on the bed in a trice.

The dog training purists will never approve,
They keep their dogs in a cage,
Make them obey every spoken command
If they don't then subject them to rage.

But we have a deal with our two GSD's,
We allow them to be who they are,
And within a clear set of quite reasonable rules
Nobody takes it too far.

I'm being shoved out by a GSD bum
So I'm cheerfully shoving him back,
And the nose pusher's getting the same back from me
This is how we all work as a pack.

Lynne Joyce 04.01.2014