Photo by Aldo PanzieriPhoto by Aldo Panzieri
Aldo’s in-laws have a house
Way out in the countryside,
That’s where Aldo and his spouse,
When the city palls, go hide.

Bees are kept for country honey,
Horses amble round the place,
Here the motive isn’t money
But distance from the rodent race.

But every home must have its spirit
Beings to annoy their hosts,
So which ones do this homestead merit,
Fairies, Gremlins, Trolls or Ghosts?

Fairies don’t like California,
California’s much too hot,
As for Gremlins, I should to warn you,
Silicone Valley’s where they plot.

Trolls never move from Scandinavia,
It’s the language barrier,
So re this house's weird behaviour,
A Ghost must be the carrier.

Apparently it ties shoelaces
Into complicated knots,
Turns lights on and off at random,
Then appears as bright light spots.

Nobody is really worried
By the Ghost who’s living there,
Shoelaces can be un-knotted,
Lights switched off without much care.

No one minds the house possession
By Aldo’s in-laws and the Ghost,
But this really begs the question,
Who is the guest and who the host?

© Lynne Joyce 07.05.2014