Greeting For Photographers At The Gates Of Hell

Abandon hope all ye who enter here,
We don't allow you in with camera gear,
So leave your trusty Canon by the door,
You won't be taking photos any more,

Leave your Sony, and your Leica too,
And we're afraid that Nikon can't come through,
And though we know it's very very sad,
You also have to leave your Hasselblad.

No bags and lenses are allowed in Hell
Light meters, filters, they are banned as well,
You can't have any photographic kit,
Not even compacts, that's an end of it.

So many camera club conditioned clones
Are down here too, talking in monotones,
Bitterly regretting just how far
They slavishly obeyed The Mafia.

The Photo Mafia are, you see,
Employees of The Hades Agency,
Who bully all you non creative fools
And make you blindly follow all 'The Rules.'

So leave behind all of your photo kit,
The Photo Mafia are collecting it,
And selling it on Gum Tree and ebay
To get more photo fools to come my way.

XXX Satan