There’s a fairy in my keyboard,
She’s a naughty fairy too,
For every time I type an ‘i’
She beats me with a ‘u.’

She messes up my spelling
And leaves me feeling vexed,
For her partner is a Gremlin
Who is called Predictive Text.

She likes adding punctuation
The wrong kind in the wrong place,
She’s particularly fond of
Leaving out the space.

She likes to switch and mix up
Adverbs with Adjectives,
And occasionally slips in
Split infinitives.

My readers must believe that I’m
A literary fool,
But it’s the naughty fairy using
The keyboard as her tool.

She mucks up all my e-mails,
She botches my reports,
She scrambles all my letters and
Confuses all my thoughts.

Together with her partner,
The Gremlin, Predictive Text
They make my work unreadable,
So my readers are perplexed.

I bet this fairy’s cousin
Lives in your keyboard too,
And screws up all your writing,
For that is what they do.

There’s a fairy in my keyboard,
She is dressed in shades of grey.
I wish I had a magic wand
That would make her go away.

Lynne Joyce 10.05.2016