Data Fairies (For Andy May's Children)

Data FairyData Fairy

Data fairies have big teeth
Because they carry megabytes
Through the air, between devices,
On their busy daily flights.

They carry them in rigid baskets
For most of them are Microsoft,
They all know Microsoft is fragile
So they're tentatively held aloft.

Sometimes big dogs help them out
With big loads they call pet-a-bytes,
They keep the fairies company
And guard them on their late night flights.

Fruit bowls help them carry Apple
Images, iTunes and Mail,
They're such a boon to Photoshoppers
As their Big File baskets never fail.

They have some fun with Android users,
Often messing with the user name,
That's Data Fairies making mischief
And Android users are fair game.

Wifi paves the fairies' highways,
Highways only they can see,
Highways that they fly along
Safely and efficiently.

Data Fairies suffer boredom
And mischief making makes this better
So sometimes they will misdirect
Your message, photograph or letter.

They spin it round the Town Hall clock
In a whirling, fairy fairground ride,
Making sure it gets there late,
Then giggling, they run and hide.

But mostly Data Fairies teeth
Glisten in a happy grin,
Proud that that things run perfectly
In this data driven world we're in.

Lynne Joyce 23.05.2016