Fairy RozFairy Roz

Dedicated to Roz Hall

When something really horrible
Happens in your vicinity,
Just blame it all on fairy Roz
For that is Roz's destiny

No-one then must take the blame,
No woman, child or man,
Since Fairy Roz is always there
For carrying the can.

When you simply cannot find
That critical report,
Say "Fairy Roz has stolen it,"
As your last resort.

Those lights that made the battery flat,
That wasn't down to you,
No, Fairy Roz had switched them on.
She'd nothing else to do!

The freezer door left open
And the wet, defrosted mess,
Can all be blamed and Fairy Roz's
Access and egress.

The puppy-pooh, the kitten wee,
That made you scream and shout?
Roz forgot to tell you
To let the creatures out!

When Roz goes on vacation
There's always Hell to pay,
Unless you say she did it,
Before she went away!

Yes every place of work and play,
And every house and flat,
Has a place for Fairy Roz,
Because blame is what we're at!

© Lynne Joyce