Comfort FoodComfort Food

Sometimes you have to eat chocolate for breakfast,
Anything sensible just would not do.
Sometimes you need some Champagne for elevenses,
When you’re lonely or angry or just feeling blue.

Champagne and chocolate are great for repairing
Your wrecked self esteem or your disheartened soul.
Muesli or cornflakes, they simply can’t cut it,
You really can not get good cheer from a bowl.

Chocolate and champagne can massage the ego
At times when a massage is just what you need.
Luxury items that nurture and treat you,
When you are in need of much more than a feed.

So make sure you have lots of chocolate on standby,
Make sure that its tasty and sticky and nice,
And when you decide you need chocolate for breakfast,
Go for broke and make sure you have Champagne on ice.

Lynne Joyce, 25.04.2007