Tell me where my life went
Wherever did it go
I was only twenty two
Not so long ago.

I was young and vigorous
Now I'm old and weak
I feel like I was twenty
Just the other week.

What happened to my parenthood
What happened to my child
He looks just like businessman
But I remember him as wild.

Why am I here all alone
What happened to my wife
I think I must have fouled up
In my former life.

Please let me go and try again
Let me undo my crimes
Against those I should have cared for
Let me give them better times.

Make them all forgive me
And let me try again
Let me try to wipe out
All the things that caused them pain.

Give me a blank canvas
Let me paint my life anew,
In bright, fresh lovely colours,
Not this grimy, murky hue.

Let me rewrite history
Forgive me all my sin
Let me turn the clock back
So that I can try again.