I’m not entirely likeable,
I’m not endowed with charm,
My very forthright manner
Is inclined to cause alarm,
I don’t try to be popular
Or to join the social scene,
They say I take no prisoners,
Whatever that may mean.

I am not prepared to compromise
The truth or what is right,
I very rarely back down,
And I’m quite prepared to fight
In pursuit of truth and justice,
And to help the poor and weak,
I don’t hold back my opinions,
When I need to I will speak.

I don’t try hard to please others,
To appease or pacify,
I am not a passive woman
As the world will testify,
I don’t stick to genteel language,
Instead I cut right to the chase,
Often using the vernacular
To emphasise my case.

I don’t suck up to those people
Others see as having power,
We all have to use the toilet,
We’re all naked in the shower,
I hold no regard for status,
I have no respect for wealth,
And though others may not like me,
I’m quite happy with myself.

Lynne Joyce 06-06-07.